Well Hello.

Sitting down at a computer and proceeding to write anything always intimidates me. Always. Doesn't matter if it's a Facebook post, or a 20 page paper, there is something about putting pen to paper, fingers to keyboard, that is scary. You hear all the time the old saying that "words can never hurt me," implying words don't hold power over us. But, as we all know, words hold incredible power. Words can change the way we think, they can move us to action, the can spur us to try new things, they can encourage us. They can also cause pain, hurt feelings, wounds that last a lifetime, and one complaining tweet can bring down your day (if you allow it). So therein lies my trepidation. Will my words be helpful, will they bring encouragement and life, or will they bring controversy and complaining? My hope is to write about books I am reading, things I see and experience, and much more. And in that, hopefully my words will bring life and joy and an understanding of the world we live in.