Writer's Block

Writers block isn't the ideal predicament to find oneself in on day 5 of a writing challenge. But, alas, here I am. Sitting here and starring at a blank screen. No words. No thoughts of substance. 

It's funny, when I was a kid I don't think I ever stopped talking. Words came on top of words and I connected everything with another "and". Words, words, *deep breath* and more words. 

As I have gotten older my words come less and less. I still have a lot to say. But, I say much less. I think more before I speak. I try and consider the weight of my words before I speak or write them. I consider more and more what I am using my voice for. Is it for my glory or Gods? Is it for a good cause or just something dumb?

There is a beauty to unspoken thoughts. To unspoken ideas. I think some things are meant to be kept private. To be kept to oneself. There is something about just having an idea that just you know about. To walking in silence contemplating the mysteries of the universe. Or just the mysteries of my little life. 

I don't feel like this post has much substance, but maybe I am making up for the crazy openness of my last four posts. I hope each of you had a good weekend and a few moments to sit and enjoy your thoughts in some silence. 

Victoria AndrewsComment