You Don't Need Eyes to See

You don't need eyes to see. Think about that for a second. Today I was listening to a new podcast called Invisibilia. They explore the hidden side of everything and it's fascinating. Three episodes in and I am hooked. Today they talked about if it's our expectations that make blind people not see. That if we didn't treat people with this idea that they can't do anything they would be able to do so much more than we imagine. And that hit me like a ton of bricks for a few reasons. 

One. How often do we expect so little from the people around us? Our prejudice blinds us. Our expectations limit us. What if we expected the best? What if we expected more? Personally, what if we stopped the voices in our own heads saying we aren't good enough, strong enough, smart enough, worth enough and expected more of ourselves? What could we accomplish that we are currently missing out on? Our lives would have so much more joy and freedom. 

Two. I was reminded I don't need eyes to see. That is just repeating over and over and over in my head this morning. I have long believed that. I am a very intuitive person. I live in a world of feelings and unseen things that influence how I feel and operate. I have been this way my whole life. I credit my parents, but especially my mom, for encouraging this in me and teaching me to trust it. I remember meeting people as a kid and not liking them and my mom saying to trust the feeling. And it often turned out my feeling was right. They weren't a good person. Sometimes I am wrong, but more often I am right. I can tell a lot about people very quickly. I can feel my way through a situation. The trick is to trust the feeling, to trust my "sight" even when everything visible is saying the opposite. 

Three. I started wondering why we trust our sight so much more than our other sense. What is it that makes people need to see to believe something? We can feel, smell, touch, and experience things that can't be seen. You can only see so much. I see this a lot in faith. I trust in a God I have never physically seen. Yet, I feel Him in the love of my friends. I see him in the way my father cares about me. I sense his presence when I am in nature. I read of his faithfulness in the Bible. There are so many ways in which I experience god even though I have never seen him. There is a different sight involved in faith, not just the physical eyes. 

So, my question to you are: what do you not need your eyes to see? And what would you experience differently if you didn't rely on your sight so much?

Victoria AndrewsComment