Fashioned For Freedom 2015

Two years ago I sat in the living room of a friend and heard her dream to raise money for the organization she was working for, My Refuge House. She wanted to support the work they were doing in the Philippians, supporting girls who had been rescued for human trafficking. We talked about hosting a dinner, or some big event, and then someone threw out that they knew a stylist, what about having a fashion show? And everything just fell into place from there.


Last year, 2014, was our first show. Most of us had little to no idea what we were doing. But we enthusiastically jumped on board with our amazing leader Kim. Kim has this way of attracting people to her through her genuine love for people and enthusiasm. And she attracted a pretty great group of people to FFF. She is passionate about justice for the world and serving those around her. Her heart continually amazes me and pushes me to love better. I know Fahsioned for Freedom would not happen without her at the helm. Last year’s show was amazing, I am still surprised how amazing it was. But, this year, the show is posed to be incredible.


This year, we know what we are doing (at least a little bit). Some incredible brands have come on board, including some great ethical fashion brands. Great local Dallas shops have been fantastic. We have a Creative Director who has hand-dyed vintage parachutes for what promises to be an incredible ending to the show. With one goal in mind…to bring hope and resources to the girls of My Refuge House.


Because, no matter what else is going on, this show is ultimately about them. Every minute we have spent thinking about what food to serve, what beverage we should drink, what looks should be on the runway, it all comes back to this one thing. We want to put on the best show possible, so that the most people hear the stories of these girls. That the money we raise through ticket sales and donations go to support their healing. No one should ever ever ever have to go through what these girls have gone through. My Refuge House provides healing, hope, education, counseling, medical care, and a family for these girls who have been through the unthinkable.


When I have gotten tired, or frustrated, or distracted, I always think about what if this was my sister, or my niece, or a friend, wouldn’t I want them to receive the best care possible for recovery? And ultimately, I see these girls as sisters, yes across the world, but as I hear their stories and learn of where they have been and the hope they have found at MRH, it gives me hope that the world can be a better place. That one day, there will be no more tears and no more sadness, but hope and joy and restoration will reign. The restoration going on at My Refuge House gives me a glimpse of that coming day.


I would love to see you all there on Thursday night! Tickets are available at Let’s share this story of hope and end human trafficking!


The amazing girls of My Refuge House!   

The amazing girls of My Refuge House!


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