Moving Toward Hope

Recently, I had some big disappointments in my life. There were (well still are) some things I am hoping for and very close together, I had two of my hopes shatter in front of me for what felt like the thousandth time. And I felt like part of me was shattering along with it. I felt myself slipping into hopelessness. Not wanting to hope or wish for anything because it just leads to disappointment. (Have I mentioned I am a little dramatic? I tend to feel ALL the feelings.) But, that really was how I felt. 

Then, I watch something like the video down below. Hope's Story from My Refuge House (MRH). MRH is this amazing place in the Philippines that takes girls rescued from sex trafficking and provides them with counseling, love, education, and ultimately, restoration. Their mission statement is "restoring one life at a time." Hope was brought to MRH two years ago from her mom and step-father who were trafficking her. Her real name isn't Hope, it's been changed to protect her identity, but she embodies the word beautifully! In the video below, she tells her story, and what she found at My Refuge House, and you can feel the light, the hope emanating from within her. You see and hear hope when she talks about her future, the dreams she has to publish a book and maybe one day be a missionary. That is hope personified. Hope has hope for the future. 

The month of May, there is an awesome opportunity to help support the work that My Refuge House does. It's called Movement 4 Freedom. MRH is dedicating the month of May to the girls at My Refuge House. When you run, bike or even dance you can help bring about awareness about the issue of human trafficking. In addition to the awareness you can use that movement to raise funds to continue the efforts of My Refuge House. There are lots of ideas on the web page, so what are you waiting for? Go on, get moving, and help this amazing organization! 

And through seeing the resiliency of these girls, that they still have hope in the face of so much darkness, may we remember there is always hope. I know it has reminded me that no matter what, there is always hope for the future. That God continues to restore and heal this broken world, one life at a time. 

Victoria AndrewsComment