The Best Thing

After almost three months of no writing for fun, I find myself staring at a blank page. A black page full of opportunities. Full of ideas that have been rolling around in my heads for weeks now. My life has been filled to overflowing with two jobs, new friends, friendships changing and stretching, holidays, family, and so many other things. My mind has had no room to move and work and think and do. I have barely been able to write or much less think. My journal lays sadly neglected and my blog here even more so. Here is to that changing. 

The last few days I have been talking with some friends about my current schedule and how little margin I have right now. Which is true. There isn't a lot of margin. But, honestly, for a season, I am ok with that. Almost everything on my schedule is something that is so worth it to me. It's spending the time to host 15 women at my house for IF: Gathering. To worship Jesus with sweet women I am thrilled to know and get to know better. It's throwing wedding events for my dearest friend and celebrating this big event in her life. It's being there to sit with this friend as life changes and know how thankful I am for her and what our last few years have meant. It's hosting people for dinners and seeing favorite bands with great friends. It's working on guest blogging on some topics that I am passionate about. My time is spent working on a new job that is challenging me, but also crazy exciting. It's been spent pursuing opportunities where I feel like God is pushing me and wanting me to step our of my comfort zone and share my experiences and failings and his goodness and grace. 

So, yes, my life is overflowing with things and some crazy right now. But, I know (well, maybe trust is a better word) that God is working through each thing coming up. I am still finding time for rest and sabbath, it's just a little less than I would prefer. But, this season is driving me to depend deeply on him and find my strength in Christ and that's the best thing. 

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