Velvet Taco

It is hard for me to believe anyone living in Dallas hasn't experienced the joy that is Velvet Taco yet, but I am always running into people who look at me with questions when I start raving. Started in Dallas, now in fort Worth (and I just saw a Chicago location is coming soon!), this place is just plain fun. Lots of quirky, weird taco combinations, like Tikki Masala, cheeseburger, and even tacos in lettuce wraps. They also have delicious margaritas, a good beer selection and a few other of my favorite drink options like sugar-based soft drinks and Holy Kombucha. 

Having just gone this week with some work peeps, it's fresh on my mind. A perennial favorite with my group is the Tikka Masala taco, also knows simply at the #3 on their fun number ordering system. As well as all the guys I know love the #10, The Texas Burger, which boasts hamburger meat, american cheese, and toppings all in a flour tortilla. 

I branched out this week to two new tacos. I got the #9, the Bahn Mi taco. It was pork, thai basil crema, cucumber, pickled veggies all rolled into a blue corn tortilla. It was ok. Having been spoiled by the ever amazing Nammi Truck, I was a little disappointed with this taco recreation of one of my favorite food truck foods. However, if I hadn't had Nammi Truck, I think I would have enjoyed it. I also got the #16, the Fish 'N Chips. This taco has beer-battered cod, fresh fries, pea tendrils, and a curry mayo all in a flour tortilla. It was so yummy! It will definitely be enjoyed again. As a table we enjoyed the corn side and the crisp tots with local egg. Those tots y'all! Do it. You won't regret it. They are tots with herbed goat cheese, smoked cheddar, basil crema, and bacon. OMG. I wanted to eat them all myself and not share with anyone else. 

When you go, be sure to look at the board up by the cash register to see the WTF (Weekly Taco Feature). This week was a soft-shell crab taco.