Adventures in Fort Worth

This past Saturday, my roommate Lindsey and I headed over to Fort Worth. We wanted to get away from our normal life for a while and just enjoying something we didn't get to do every day. 

Our first stop was at the location of one of my first jobs, Paper Planet. Paper Planet is a wonderful store filled with handmade papers, custom invites, and lots of fun and whimsy. I worked there eons ago in my last couple years of high school and some breaks from college. If you are in Fort Worth, or in the market for some beautiful invites, you should stop by and say hi to them!

After that, we headed over to the up-and-coming Southside part of Fort Worth. We enjoyed a lovely lunch at Brewed. This was my second trip to Brewed, and there are things I love, and a few things I don't. The location, the ambiance, and decorations are all great. They have a good selection of both coffees and beers (hence the name), and my favorite, Holy Kombucha on tap. Both times I have been has been for lunch on a Saturday and they only serve brunch then. Which is a little disappointing, it's a pretty limited menu. I had the fried egg sandwich this time which comes on toasted sourdough, fried egg, crispy bacon, fresh arugula and tomatoes. It was good, but it would have been awesome with something tangy like an aioli and a mayo of some kind. The sandwich came with seasoned sweet potato fries, which were perfect. 


We then made the 5 minute walk over to MELT which happened to be celebrating their first birthday. They should have many more years to come if our visit was any indication. They were rotating their list of delicious favors throughout the day. We both ended up with the mint and lavender ice cream. It was SO good. I want more right now. 

After that we stopped for some shopping at Anthropologie and Free People (two of my personal favorites), and then went on to the Kimball Art Museum. The Kimball is a great place to spend a few hours. We saw the Bass Family collection in the new building at the Kimball and it was fantastic. I cannot imagine having those famous works of art just hanging up in my house. The most ironic piece was the cast of "The Kiss" which is based on an adulterous affair in the Dante's Inferno, which was given as an 25th wedding anniversary gift from Perry Bass to his wife Nancy Lee. I got a a laugh when I saw that. 

We finished out the day joining my parents for dinner at Lilly's Bistro. They are always sure to have good food and this Saturday was no exception. I had the seafood sampler, which had the best sesame seed crusted crab cake. I could have eaten several more, it was delicious! We didn't have them, but if you ever go to Lilly's, I must insist you get the donuts and coffee ice cream. You won't be disappointed. 

There is SO much that we could have done in Fort Worth, and as usual, I can't wait to get back. It's one of my favorite places to hang out.