Food Matters

I am a re-reader of books. I love to come back over and over again to well-worn volumes and read familiar words. I still do this today, especially with “Bread and Wine” by Shauna Niequist, which I am re-reading for the second (or maybe third) time. Shauna’s three books (her fourth, “Savour,” will be released this spring) are about food and life and the beauty and heartbreak of each. Her words remind me all over again why food is important and why community is important and why the table brings those two things together.

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Meet Jamie

Hi Jamie, we are so excited about you styling Fashioned for Freedom this year! Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? 
I am so excited, as well! I’m a stylist with Seaminx Artist Management, and I’ve been with them for nearly 5 years. I’m a self-proclaimed minimalist, and I love curating. Fashion and design are both such integral parts of my life, my favorite brands Céline and The Row.

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Keep Walking

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With our vision of A Transformed People, A Transformed City, I’ve found myself wondering exactly what does a person who has been transformed by Christ look like? Would I recognize them? How would they transform a city? 

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Change. Just the word makes me cringe. It makes my heart beat a little faster, my anxiety levels come up, and I start sweating. Recently I moved into a new house. I only moved about 10 miles away from my last house, but I have had to figure out new places to grocery shop, new places to pick up a quick dinner, new rhythms in my house, when to leave for work, when to cook dinner with new roommates. On a much grander scale, my life is in a season of transformation

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