Meet Jamie

Originally posted at for the 2017 show. 

Jamie Lyons is our fabulous designer for Fashioned for Freedom this year. We are so excited to have her, and sat down to ask her a few questions. 


Hi Jamie, we are so excited about you styling Fashioned for Freedom this year! Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? 
I am so excited, as well! I’m a stylist with Seaminx Artist Management, and I’ve been with them for nearly 5 years. I’m a self-proclaimed minimalist, and I love curating. Fashion and design are both such integral parts of my life, my favorite brands Céline and The Row. I love old homes and mixing modern with the classic architecture (I firmly believe we don’t build things like we used to). I live in a 1925 Tudor in Oak Cliff with my husband, Brocke, and two cats, Gryffin and Nox (both Harry Potter references). I’ve also been vegan for almost 10 years.  

What made you want to become a stylist? What keeps you going? 
I have always felt drawn to cultivating an aesthetic, and styling seemed like a natural extension of that. I am constantly being exposed to things that inspire me, and styling is a great outlet to be able to take all of that and visually express it.

What can we expect to see at the show this year?  
All of the designers are local, which I think is really special, and getting to showcase designers that might be new to some members of the audience, but are just so incredibly talented. I’m so excited to share their work with everyone because I feel so personally connected to it. There are also several amazing local artists that will be collaborating with the designers on something…but you’ll have to come to the show to find out what.

We noticed your Instagram handle is @theanticolor and that you love black and white, where did that love come from? How does that play into your styling? 
I think neutrals are just so classic and timeless, black in particular. I feel most like myself in black, it’s such a poetic color. There is definitely an architectural quality to it, a severity. When you wear black, you’re never out of place, and if you are, it’s not for the wrong reason. It’s the perfect backdrop, but it also makes such a statement. I’m completely enamored with its versatility. I think having such a definitive point of view regarding color has really helped me hone my aesthetic as a stylist. 

We cannot wait to see what Jamie has created for us walking down the runway on November 1.

Check out Jamie's work below: